Palmyra's Professional Pet Sitter, Lori Genstein

I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC - Palmyra's Professional Pet Sitter, Winner of the BEST Pet Sitter & Dog Walker 2015 & 2016 Best of Burlington County Times.

2015 National Pet Sitting Business of the Year Recipient, Lori Genstein was awarded the highest honor by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  

Lori is a registered, licensed and insured professional pet sitter with annual and current cleared background checks.

Certified in Pet First Aid / CPR by the American Red Cross in 2010, Lori continues to receive ongoing training through 
mentorships with veterinary professionals and classes.

Lori Genstein, I've Got the 'Scoop'! - Best Pet Sitter Dog Walker in Burlington County!Love, a unique ability to connect with animals, and the passion to help led Lori to found I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC, in 2010, after her child with special needs became ill and required medical care at home.  Most challenging was finding a loving, dependable nurse, respectful of the individualized care he required and attentive to the little things that made him happy. 
Recognizing parents have the same wish and need for their dependent beloved pets, Lori began providing Love, Enrichment and Comprehensive Pet Care for “furry babies,” as she affectionately refers to her clients, with the same respect, compassion and patience she expects a nurse to provide to her son. 
Lori has earned respect as a professional pet sitter, trusted by pet parents, veterinarians, trainers, animal rescues and various pet professionals, all recommending her services.

As a member of various professional organizations, each facilitating continued education, Lori is empowered with knowledge and skills to administer exemplary care for beloved pets.  Parents have peace of mind and confidence their pets receive the highest quality of preventive, skilled care, and appreciate being treated with respect, professionalism and excellence in customer service.

Having experience caring for beloved pets with special needs, medical and fear-based, she does not shy away from the challenge.  Lori's success is attributed to exceptional patience, compassion and an innate understanding of animals.
"Quality" of care during visits is her priority, not "quantity" of visits.  Limiting the number of pets scheduled on a daily basis provides the opportunity for lengthy visits and helps Lori foster close relationships with patience and an abundance of affection while building trust and respect.  Allowing time to learn about pets in her care she's able to accommodate each of their individual needs and ensure their comfort. 
Lori’s attention to detail conceived “buggy huggies”; disguised as massages, she examines each pet from nose to tail.  This technique brings significant health concerns to light, finding
foreign matter, lumps, skin abnormalities, dental disease, ear infections, among other issues, requiring veterinary care.  

Diligent with observation, she also recognizes indications of illness in early stages by subtle changes in a pet's routine, symptoms resulting from food sensitivities, and resolves behavioral concerns by alleviating underlying stressors. 
Through Lori’s gentle hands-on approach, animals accept having their teeth brushed, nails clipped, and ears cleaned, which are among the all-inclusive services she provides. 
Lori quickly bonds with animals, and is recognized for easily befriending those deemed aggressive.  Through consistent and positive directions she increases their confidence.  Lori is credited for helping wean animals off and avoid the need for anti-anxiety medications, assisting them to trust humans, enjoy the company of other animals and life, despite having once lived extremely fearful and with high anxiety.  
Teaching appropriate manners is fun for parents and pets with Lori.  Offering ongoing guidance, she nurtures confident and relaxed parents, accomplishing her goal of maximizing relationships between humans and their beloved pets. 

Well-known as a resource for everything pet-related and community involvement, Lori enjoys talking pets and outreach.  Her focus is raising awareness to the importance of preventive care, appropriate nutrition, pet safety, preparedness and enlightening parents as to why only a  "professional" pet sitter should be entrusted to provide care for their beloved pets.  

As PetsitUSA.com's 2015 featured Professional Pet Sitter, Lori was recently interviewed. She offered recommendations to help raise the standard of care provided by all professional pet sitters, protecting pets and their families.

She is a member of Burlington CART, (County Animal Response Team) Tri-Boro CERT, (Community Emergency Response Team) and completed training through FEMA, under the Office of Emergency Management. 

Lori supports many non-profit animal welfare organizations, facilitates fundraising campaigns, rescues homeless animals, and actively raises money to donate FIDO Bags to fire departments, which include pet-specific oxygen masks and training by a veterinarian.

She authors blogs for PetsitUSA and I‘ve Got the ‘Scoop‘!, appeared as the “Expert Pet Sitter” for Pet Valu in Cinnaminson, NJ, and organizes and hosts South Jersey‘s Annual Pet Wellness Symposiums.  

She resides in Palmyra, NJ, with her wonderful fiance’, Daniel; delightful son, Billy; and Sergio, a sweet rescue kitty who tested positive for FIV.  
Palmyra's Professional Pet Sitter
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